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General information

Port Silistra-Lessil is a private company entered in the
register of ports of the Republic of Bulgaria as a port for public
transport of regional importance. It is located from the 381st to
the 382nd km of the Danube River, on a total area of 73,000 sq.m.
Silistra is a port city located at the easternmost point of the
Bulgarian bank of the Danube River, at the 381st km. It was founded
in ancient times some 2,400 years ago as the Roman fortress of
Durostorum and has a rich history. Today, Silistra has 38,000

The natural geographical location of the port, the
well-established communication network connecting the port with
North and South Bulgaria and with the countries of Eastern and
Central Europe make it a key link between Europe, the Middle East
and Asia. In accordance with global trends and requirements, the
port is equipped with the necessary specialized facilities and means
of transport to service ships and wagons with bulk, general,
palletized, container and other cargoes.
The port has its own
well-built infrastructure for road and rail
transport. There is a
working connection with the republican railway
network. The
connection between road and rail transport, the river
ports on the
Danube, Volga and Dnieper, the sea ports of Burgas and
Varna is
realized thanks to the good organization of work and the
activity with agency, transport-forwarding and brokerage
River-sea ships of up to 5000 tons dock in the port.

Basic technical parameters

1. Working length of the quay wall - 540 m.

2. Length of quay wall provided for harbor extension - 430 m.

3. Open storage area within reach of cranes - 2,5 ha

4. Open storage area planned for port expansion - 4,8 ha

5. Closed storage area - 0,8 ha

6. Number of ship seats - 5

7. Number of berths - 2

8. Mechanization

- portal crane / 1 peace / from 20 t. until 32 t. reach of the
crane boom at 20 t. - 36 m. and at 32 t. - 16 m.

- portal crane / 2 peaces / from 10 t woth reach of the crane
boom 32 m

- dispenser for mineral fertilizers in big begs from 450
until 1200 kg.

- grain terminal with two buffer silos with a total capacity
of 2000 t. and productivity for loading 2000 t. / day

- unloading devices

- truck loaders

- electronic scale up to 80 t.

9. Available area in close proximity to the port, suitable
for expansion and industrial activity -15ha

- Available length of quay wall outside the harbor - 350 m.

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