Industrial zone - west,
Silistra, Bulgaria
Tel. +359 86 821969
Fax. +359 86 822109
Cell: +359 89 8656557

Silistra-Lesil Port is company entered in the register of the ports of Republic of Bulgaria as a public transportation port of regional significance. The port is located from 381 to 382 km. of Danube River, and has a total area of 73,000.00sq.m.
Silistra is a port town located in the most Eastern point of the Bulgarian coast of Danube River, on the 381st km. The town has been found in the remote past, about 2400 years ago, as a the Roman fortress of Durostorum, and it has abundant history. At present, Silistra has 38,000 inhabitants.
The natural geographic location of the port, the well-established communication network that connects the port to Northern and Southern Bulgaria, as well as to the countries from Eastern and Central Europe, all make the port a key link between Europe, the Middle East and Asia. In conformation to the worldwide tendencies and requirements, the port is equipped with the necessary specialized facilities and transportation means to service ships and wagons transporting bulk, general, palletized, container and other cargos.
The port has its own well-built infrastructure for automobile and railway transport. It has an active connection with the republican railway network. The connection between automobile and railway transport, the river ports along Danube, Volga, and Dnieper Rivers, the seaports of Bourgas and Varna, is realized by virtue of the good work organization and mutual activity with agent, transportation-shipping and broker companies.
Up to 5000-ton river-sea ships moor at the port.